Best Holiday Cottages With Hot Tubs This 2021

There are times where you just want to get away from it all, and for good reason! What’s more, you just wish you could slide into a hot tub and feel the heat loosen your muscles. Well imagine this, driving over to a picturesque countryside and checking into a holiday cottage. But it’s no simple cottage, for it’s got its own private hot tub! All for the benefit of yours truly! 

They’re a real sweet treat, indeed. Their locations are nothing to scoff at, either. An idyllic landscape, surrounded by an area of outstanding natural beauty, it’s like something straight out of Middle Earth! These beautiful, holiday properties are all outfitted with the comforts of home for guests to stay. With ratings of sleeps 2 or sleeps 4 to assist in showing how many people could fit inside a cottage, this won’t be a difficult search. 

So don’t tarry any longer! We’ve got more offerings for friendly cottages with hot tubs listed below, for your viewing pleasure. 


  1. Sykes Cottages, Josi Lodge, Amotherby near Malton, North York Moors & Coast
  2. Sykes Cottages, 24 Meadow Retreat, Dobwalls, Cornwall
  3. Sykes Cottages, The Linhay, Cadeleigh near Tiverton, Devon
  4. Sykes Cottages, The Coach House, Newport, Isle of Wight 


  1. Sykes Cottages, 1 Hornbeam Lodge, Narberth, South Wales & Pembrokeshire 
  2. Sykes Cottages, 11A Lon Twrcelyn, Benllech, Anglesey 
  3. Sykes Cottages, Caecrwn, Battle near Brecon, South Wales & Pembrokeshire
  4. Sykes Cottages, The Old School, Llanfair Clydogau near Lampeter, Mid Wales & Cardigan Bay


UK’s Best Holiday Cottage with Hot Tubs    


1. Josi Lodge, Malton Grange Lodges

Location: Amotherby near Malton, North York Moors & Coast

Best for: Outdoor hot tub and proximity to Malton

This beautiful holiday cottage (sleeps 4), with its outward, modern architecture is outfitted with all the comforts of home. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms all on the ground floor, this holiday cottage is sufficient to house a large family. Provided with your very own hot tub, pop open a champagne bottle and luxuriate in its calming waters. Chat openly as you relax, and feel the stress leave your body. This holiday cottage is a pet-friendly environment, so there’s no need to think twice before bringing your beloved pooch. 

Josi Lodge is located in a prime location, close to the town of Malton. Want to do something for the kids? Take them to Flamingo Land Resort, which is only a 10-minute drive away. This family theme park is brimming with amusements, from rollercoasters to animal conservation, it’s an experience to treat the little ones with. An onsite restaurant is available should you get a tad bit peckish. Also, come visit York Dungeon on Clifford Street, a 40-minute drive from Josi Lodge. This dungeon attraction uses actors in period costume to reenact historical events, in a fun and humorous manner. Certainly, something you don’t want to miss!

Facilities: Josi Lodge is equipped with a fully furnished kitchen and living room. What’s more, self-catering services are available, with an assigned chef to assist you with the workings of the kitchen. Decked in a minimalist style, with three bedrooms with twin to single beds, and finally a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. The cottage is also accompanied by a lovely garden, accentuating the idyllic landscape. Josi Lodge offers off-road parking space for your vehicle, as well as a dishwasher and high-speed Wi-Fi. 

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24 meadow retreat

2. 24 Meadow Retreat 

Location: Dobwalls, Cornwall

Best for: Private hot tub and sauna

As a single master bedroom offering (sleeps 2), this contemporary-style holiday cottage is ideal for couples. A private hot tub tucked away in its picturesque garden, with a grassy carpet and hanging pots giving it a calming feel. This luxurious holiday cottage is located in the beautiful countryside of Dobwalls village, with a kitchen furnished with the best equipment. A small room reserved as a gym, to break out a sweat whenever it takes your fancy. But what’s even better? This holiday cottage has its own private sauna, amping up its luxurious feel. It even has its own private theatre, equipped with comfortable furnishings and a large TV. It can’t get any better than this. 

Hear your stomach rumble? Fear not, for there is a pub called The Highwaymen located a mere mile away from your cottage. Travel to the nearby town of Liskeard and visit the Liskeard Museum, if you’re up for a bit of local history. Stuart House is also a popular tourist attraction in Liskeard, due to its rich history. Known for housing the doomed Charles I during the English Civil War, it’s certainly something to add to your to-do list.  

Facilities: This holiday cottage offers off-road parking for your car, along with a pretty garden out front. All of its facilities are located on the ground floor, so no tripping over stairs! Equipped with both a private hot tub and a sauna, you’ll feel spoiled staying in this holiday home. From a top-notch kitchen to an at-home cinema, a sleek living room and bar area, you’ll want for nothing during your stay. A single, sleek bathroom outfitted with a shower and sink, as well as a hot towel rail. A washing machine and dishwasher is provided in 24 Meadow Retreat, as well as WiFi. All in all, this is the ideal romantic getaway for you and your partner! 

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The linhay

3. The Linhay

Location: Cadeleigh near Tiverton, Devon

Best for: Prime location to explore nearby tourist attractions

Currently at a 5 star rating, this former barn-turned-holiday home (sleeps 4) is a charming option, with top-notch amenities. Located in the stunning, rustic Devonshire, this holiday cottage offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the ground floor. This holiday home is perfect for families, as there is one double bed and twin beds. Boasting an open plan living space in a minimalist style, the Linhay offers unparalleled panoramic views of the beautiful countryside. The sleek, private hot tub nestled in its backyard affords one a night of wine and relaxation. There are plush couches adjacent to the hot tub, should you desire to lounge and enjoy the outdoors. 

The area around this holiday home is filled with popular tourist hotspots, just waiting for you to explore. Tiverton Castle is one such attraction, once a medieval fortress transformed into a country house. Filled with Civil War paraphernalia, time seems to stop here. With its verdant fields and ancient remains, it’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in. Visit Knightshayes Gardens and take a  relaxing stroll, as well as view the wide array of flora and fauna available. Come and enjoy the gorgeous town of Tiverton, and reap its marvelous countryside views. 

Facilities: With a state-of-the-art private hot tub tucked away in the cottage’s backyard, this holiday home is full of potential. Aside from being a cottage with a hot tub, the Linhay boasts 2 bedrooms with its own private bathroom. A completely furnished kitchen and bar area to enjoy your home cooked meals in. An open plan living room equipped with a comfy couch and sleek TV, along with a dining area next to it. There is a washing machine to clean your clothes in, as well as a small garden and an off-road parking space. The Linhay is awaiting your presence to grace its doors!

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the coach house

4. The Coach House

Location: Newport, Isle of Wight

Best for: Private hot tub and games room; gorgeous, lush views

There are many holiday cottages across the UK, but none more unique than the Coach House (sleeps 5). With two, small gabled roofs giving it a certain charm, this holiday home embodies your quintessential English country cottage. The Coach House provides a games room, with board games to amuse the entire family. An enclosed garden houses a hot tub, its roof providing ample shade from the glaring sun. 3 bedrooms consisting of a double; single; and twin proves perfect for a large family. What’s more, this cottage is pet friendly, meaning your dogs can tag along for the trip!

The Coach House offers a stunning view of a lush landscape, as well as that of Carisbrooke Castle. The castle is within walking distance, taking merely 9 minutes from the cottage. Known best for housing a famous prisoner, a dethroned Charles I, who languished here awaiting his trial. For those of you interested in history and ancient castles, then this is the place for you! Want to go even farther back in time? The Roman Villa is the perfect spot for your tastes, as it is a remnant of a 1700-year-old Roman farmhouse. Its bath house still stands today, with colourful frescoes and mosaic tiles. Book a stay at the Coach House, as the city of Newport has much to offer!

Facilities: Aside from a landscape of outstanding natural beauty, the Coach House offers off-road parking to accommodate your vehicle. This holiday spot has three bedrooms and one bathroom, ideal for big families. The games room brings a family friendly atmosphere, offering a source of entertainment during lazy days, where the family could gather and enjoy themselves. A fully equipped kitchen and dining area adjacent to it, where you can cook your meals for the family. Through a path hemmed in with lovely flowers and tucked away behind the house, lies the private hot tub. Providing a shaded area, feel free to recline on one of the lounge chairs available. The Coach House is also a dog friendly area, so bringing your pets along isn’t such a bad idea. Don’t hesitate, or you’ll miss out on the special offers and reduced prices available!

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Best Cottages with a Private Hot Tub in Wales

1 hornbeam lodge

1. 1 Hornbeam Lodge

Location: Narberth, South Wales & Pembrokeshire 

Best for: Known for its proximity to ancient landmarks 

Located in Heron’s Brook, this delightful log cabin (sleeps 4) is nestled in the fringes of Pembrokeshire. Offering living quarters on the ground floor: a double with its own bathroom and twin beds. Walking in, you’ll be greeted by an open plan living space, with a completely furnished kitchen and central heating for those cold, winter nights. Plush couches and a TV make up the living room, with the dining room behind it. A hot tub is situated behind the log cabin, perfect for you to dip your toes in. 

Take the time to visit the charming market town of Narberth, and see all it has to offer. Visiting Narberth Castle would prove an easy feat, as it is within walking distance from the log cabin. Now an ancient Norman ruin, you can still see remnants of the imposing fortress it had once been. The Narberth Museum is also a tourist hotspot, featuring local Welsh history and other new exhibits. Stop by at the town of Pembroke and tour Pembroke Castle, a 23-minute drive from Hornbeam Lodge. Known for being the birthplace of the first Tudor King, Pembroke Castle’s archaic walls are teeming with history. 

 Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is a good option to consider, being merely a 35-minute drive from the log cabin. This national park is known for its Blue Flag beaches, as well as outdoor activities and water sports. If you enjoy wildlife and the outdoors, then put this on your checklist. 

Facilities: This rustic log cabin boasts two bedrooms and bathrooms, with the double bed outfitted with an ensuite bathroom. A kitchen arrayed with top quality kitchenware and snug couches for maximum comfort. The private hot tub behind this holiday lodge is large enough for 4 people, so everyone in the group can enjoy it. A dishwasher and washing machine are amongst those provided, so you can forget about dirty dishes and unwashed clothes when you’re staying here! An off-road parking space is allotted for your car. 

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11A Lon Twrcelyn

2. 11A Lon Twrcelyn 

Location: Benllech, Anglesey 

Best for: Outdoor private hot tub and barbecue area; stunning beachside location 

Looking for a holiday cottage by the beach? Then look no further, for 11A Lon Twrcelyn is the perfect leisure home for you! Offering beautiful, seaside views of Red Wharf Bay, this bungalow (sleeps 6) is built in a contemporary, minimalist style. With an impeccable 5 star rating, as well as 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the ground floor, this place is perfect for large families or gatherings. Behind the bungalow is a decked area, outfitted with its own private hot tub and barbecue, along with a dining area. The sleek hot tub grants the place a lavish feel, so jump in and bask in its luxury. 

Since this is a coastal holiday home, it would be remiss to not visit the beaches. Take your family down to Red Wharf Bay, and enjoy the stunning coastal landscapes and the invigorating sea air. Build sandcastles and sink your toes into the sand; take panoramic photos or selfies with your friends. Drive 8 minutes to Hen Capel Lligwy, the ruins of a former chapel built in the 12th century. Not far from this ancient chapel are the ruins of an ancient village, merely taking a 10-minute walk to get there. Called Din Lligwy, this old village dates back to the Roman times, possibly even farther. You can still see the foundations of former huts. 

Facilities: This holiday home is constructed with a sleek, minimalist style, boasting two bathrooms and three bedrooms on the ground floor: two double beds and one twin. It has a distinctly white and black colour theme, both inside and outside. 11A Lon Twrcelyn also offers a decked area at the back, outfitted with a private hot tub and barbecue. A kitchen furnished with the necessary implements, all of high quality. A plush couch and a mounted TV graces the living room, with the dining room next to it. A dishwasher and washing machine is also available, along with high speed internet. Off-road parking is at your disposal. 

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3. Caecrwn 

Location: Battle near Brecon, South Wales & Pembrokeshire 

Best for: Personal fireplace and working farm atmosphere

Now this holiday home (sleeps 6) is an especially great treat, as it is part of a working farm. Boasting titillating views of Brecon Beacons, this cottage was formerly a barn repurposed into a cozy holiday retreat. With three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this place is perfect for big families or groups to gather. This holiday spot has an outdoor hot tub in its backyard, where you’re given the privilege of viewing the sprawling landscape of Pen Y Fan. Plop yourself onto a couch in the living room, and warm yourself with the wood burning in an open fire. This is both a family friendly and dog friendly environment, so feel free to bring the little ones along. 

Visit the nearby market town of Brecon, where local hotspots and amusements abound. Hop over to the local cinema to catch a movie or dine in the various restaurants in the streets of Brecon. The Brecon Leisure Centre has many facilities, from a swimming pool to a tennis court. Stretch your legs and break a sweat using the many amenities this place has to offer. A 23-minute drive from the cottage will take you to Brecon Beacons National Park, with its lush fields ideal for a sedate, afternoon walk. Enjoy the beautiful greenery and the gorgeous mountain ranges, as it is clearly an area of outstanding natural beauty. 

Facilities: This holiday cottage is the perfect place for young children, as guests are able to use the cot and highchair provided. A fireplace is also provided in the open plan living area, to imbue the house with warmth during cold nights. The outdoor hot tub overlooking the stunning landscape attests to this place being a good choice for hot tub holidays. Caecrwn offers Sky TV as a source of entertainment, for both adults and children. The three bedrooms available consist of one super-king-size double; one double; and one twin bed. A barbecue and dining area is located adjacent to the outdoor hot tub. Aside from off-road parking, an electrical car charging station is available onsite. 

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the old school

4. The Old School

Location: Llanfair Clydogau near Lampeter, Mid Wales & Cardigan Bay

Best for: Charming, countryside landscapes and personal hot tub 

As the name might imply, this holiday haven (sleeps 4) was once the local village school. Although the exterior is much unchanged, the interior is another thing entirely. With an open plan living quarters, furnished with an open fireplace in the living area. A stone path behind the cottage leads toward an outdoor hot tub. A roof is built over the tub to offer some shade; a dining area is set up a few yards from it. You can enjoy an exceptional view of the nearby village of Llanfair Clydogau from the warmth of your personal hot tub. 

 Come over to Lampeter, a charming town 11-minutes away by car. Lined with quaint buildings and old taverns, it is a veritable treasure trove for tourists. Drop by at Cwmann Tavern, where they offer both sweet and savoury dishes. A pool table and dart board are available, along with refreshing pints of beer. Fancy stopping by the beach? A 32-minute drive from the Old School will take you to Aberaeron Beach, located in the lovely coastal town of Aberaeron. Traipse about the sandy coastline and hunt for seashells with your kids. Bask in the warm rays of the sun as you lounge upon the beach, or stroll about aimlessly to your pleasure. 

Facilities: Offering two bedrooms and one bathroom, this location is ideal for small families or friend groups. It is also amenable to guests with infants and toddlers, as a crib and highchair have been made available by the owners. The outdoor hot tub offers magnificent views, one you can enjoy with a glass of good wine. Rated 5 stars, pointed arch windows allow natural light to stream through, giving the place a friendly atmosphere. There is a lovely garden and patio, along with high strength WiFi. This is a pet friendly area, so bringing them along won’t be an issue.  

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Interested in Sykes Cottages’ Hot Tub Holidays?

As you can tell by our listings, there are many friendly holiday cottages across the UK, both in England and Wales. In particular, holiday cottages with hot tubs make for a magnificent treat! A holiday cottage is one thing, but cottages with hot tubs are the cherry on top of a wonderful stay. All in prime locations, and in an area of outstanding natural beauty. 

If you find your interest piqued, find out more information by checking out our website for the best holiday cottages with hot tubs. Or, for more personalised preferences, check out the official Sykes Cottages’ site. The perfect holiday cottage is right at your fingertips!