Has our amazing offer of £20pp holidays to the UK and Europe tempted you to book a holiday park for the first time? We wouldn’t blame you, with more than 200 caravan holiday parks across the UK and Europe, many starting from less than £100 for the family, it’s a great offer.

Here are five of our favourite caravan holiday tips from experienced campers, which will help you make the most of our stay in a static caravan.

Buy the beach: If you plan to spend lots of time enjoying some of the amazing beaches by UK caravan parks, then book a holiday park that’s by the beach. Packing up the car each day, herding the family in then hunting for a parking space by your favourite stretch of sand’s no fun.

Welly good idea: Let’s face it, drought conditions don’t mean it won’t rain on your holiday, so if it looks like a wet weekend pack your wellies and walking boots but keep them ready and dry during your holiday by banging sticks (stumps from the cricket set work a treat) into the ground outside the door and slotting the footwear on top. Stops you traipsing mud and grass into the caravan.

Wet dog smell: If your dog jumps into a river, lake or the sea, they’re likely to come out smelling of… well, not roses! Once you’ve administered a quick towel rub just go over with a tumble-dryer freshener sheet and your pet will be transformed from a smelly inconvenience into a fragrant treat. Find out more about our pet-friendly holiday parks.

Best breakfasts: Scrambled eggs make a great mobile-home holiday meal, but preparation in confined spaces is potentially messy. Solution? Crack the eggs into a jam jar or Tupperware container, secure the lid and shake (make sure you keep your hands over a Tupperware lid). Ta da!

Misted mirrors: Static caravans are comfortable and great for families, but when you’re all taking turns in the shower, the bathroom mirror inevitably gets misted up. Just wipe the mirror with a damp cloth and a spot of washing-up liquid, then leave to dry. The mirror will stay clear for the duration of the holiday.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips for fantastic caravan holidays – why not tell us what cheats you use to make your holiday easy as pie?

Written by Dan at BreakFree Holidays

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