Haven entertainment is superb, with everything from shows to sports available to guests. We wanted to find out more about Haven’s daytime activities, so we asked head of entertainment Steve Donnelly what’s new for guests to enjoy on Haven holidays in 2016.


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Transcript of interview with Steve Donnelly

[BreakFree Holidays (BH)]: It’s Daniel here from BreakFree Holidays. Today I’m talking to Steve Donnelly, who is head of entertainment at Haven Holidays. Hello Steve, how are you?

[Steve Donnelly (SD)]: Brilliant, great to speak to you today.

(BH): Haven is well known for its superb entertainment for children, tell us a bit more about the kinds of activities that are on offer.

(SD): In the mornings you kick off with a character breakfast which will then link into a messy morning where they can get involved with arts and crafts. Then there’s the opportunity to go outside with some of the FunStars and do something a little bit more active. We try to do stuff on the hour, every other hour, so guests have the option to do some of it, all of it or none of it.

(BH): What’s new at Haven holiday parks for 2016?

(SD): Brand new for ’16, which is exclusive for Haven, it’s not going to any other UK holiday resort is Shaun the Sheep. It’s the first ever time that Shaun the Sheep has had a puppet show produced around it. Shaun the Sheep and some of his family are going to be touring Haven in 2016, coming into the parks, featuring within the Mossy Bottom Farm which is a central hub for Shaun the Sheep himself, and it’s going to be touring in an interactive production where kids can get involved, in fact the whole family can get involved, so Shaun the Sheep is one of the big attractions.

Shaun the Sheep

And also we’ve signed up with CBeebies, Tree Fu Tom, which is a great family favourite. We’re looking to use his big world of magic and mischief to delight the Haven guests, and there’s even an opportunity for some of the guys to come along and by a Tree Fu Ranger. We have a lot of outdoor focus in our entertainment and activities, and what we’re trying to do with Tree Fu is to give the option to take more of our experiences outdoors. So, we’re looking to celebrate the sunshine, and sometimes the rain as well, and take the kids outside for some interactive fun.

Tree Fu Tom

(BH): With so much going on in 2016, what are you most looking forward to?

(SD): We’ve put a lot of time and effort into the casting of all of the cast members that are going to entertain all of the families across the country, a lot of development into them as individuals and growing the talent that’s there, so with all of the great concepts that are lined up, many of the returning FunStars that have been here year on year and have grown each year, and some of the new talent that we’ve just found on our roadshows across the country from our auditions, I think 2016 is set to be quite an impressive year.

(BH): Steve, thanks so much for bringing us up to date.

(SD): No problem.


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Written by Dan at BreakFree Holidays

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