The evening shows at Haven parks are a popular part of any caravan holiday, so we asked head of entertainment Steve Donnelly what singers, shows and spectacles guests can expect on Haven holidays in 2016.

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Transcript of interview with Steve Donnelly

[BreakFree Holidays (BF)]: It’s Daniel here from BreakFree Holidays again and I’m talking to Steve Donnelly, head of entertainment at Haven Holidays. Hello Steve how are you?

[Steve Donnelly (SD)]: I’m very good thank you.

(BF): Tell us about the kind of entertainment Haven offers families every evening.

(SD): There is something for everyone. Across the course of the week we’ve got game shows, we’ve got interactive karaoke, we’ve got all sorts of stuff for every generation and every age range, whether you’ve got little tots or whether you want something for the teenagers.

(BF): What are the most popular shows with guests?

(SD): What has been really successful over the last few years, as we’ve increased the talent portfolio with our entertainers, is our FunStar productions. Within those shows we try to put together a fast moving bespoke production. We’ve got fast moving choreography and great vocal arrangements, quirky costumes, and that all fits together to cover a variety of material, from Carnaby West One which is one of our sixties treats, through to a concert called Signed Souled Delivered which celebrates music from the Motown era.

(BF): Is there anything else new for 2016?

(SD): We’ve got a new production called Caravan of Love, which is live lounge meets love songs, and it’s the opportunity for us to take the audience on some real classics that many of the parents and some of our older generation of guests will recognize. With some brilliant vocal arrangements they can sit back and get stuck in.

We’ve also got a pantomime production during the main six-week holidays of Jack and the Beanstalk, where we’re going to have a cast touring all across the country bringing some magic to our stages.

We’ve also got a production called Seaside Cirque which is basically the opportunity to run away and join the circus, with some of the pizazz and glitz that you would see at the circus and that also features our Seaside Squad with Rory The Tiger taking on the role of the ringmaster. We’ve got a variety of different circus acts that have come in, produced and directed, so it’s all part of a big, fully staged production.

(BF): Fantastic Steve, thanks very much for coming in and giving us your time.

(SD): No problem, thank you.


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Written by Dan at BreakFree Holidays


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Hi can you tell me details of any visiting acts to Thorpe Park in 2016.thankyou


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