Staying in a static caravan for the first time? Enjoy our smart tips for a wonderful caravan holiday.


If it’s a welly kind of holiday, keep them at the ready (and dry) outside by banging sticks (stumps from the cricket set work a treat) into the ground outside the door and slotting the wellies on top. Stops you tripping over a pile of muddy wellies in the caravan.

Your dirty laundry

Take some large carrier bags to sort your dirty laundry into different colours, and avoid the hassle of sifting through it when you get home.

Shining light

Your mobile home will be equipped to make it feel like a home from home, but you may find yourself popping out for something at night or coming home from an evening’s entertainment. Take a torch.

Wet dog smell

If your dog has jumped into a river, lake or the sea, or it has rained, once you’ve administered a quick towel rub just go over with a tumble-dryer freshener sheet and your pet will be transformed from a smelly inconvenience into a fragrant treat.

If you are intending to take a furry friend on holiday, please check at the time of booking that you have selected one of our pet-friendly holiday parks.

Toilet Rolls

If you are taking your own spare toilet rolls pop an elastic band over each one. When it’s on the roll holder in the caravan, just slip the elastic band off onto the roll holder, leaving it ready to pop back on for when you leave.

Scrambling eggs

Scrambled eggs make a great mobile-home holiday meal, but preparation in confined spaces is potentially messy. Solution? Crack the eggs into a jam jar or Tupperware container, secure the lid and shake (make sure you keep your hands over a Tupperware lid). Ta da!


When the family is taking turns in the shower, the bathroom mirror inevitably gets misted up. Just wipe the mirror with a damp cloth and a spot of washing-up liquid, then leave to dry. The mirror will stay clear for the duration of the holiday.

I can’t see the sea, Dad

We have a huge variety of holiday park locations with amazing facilities and local attractions that you can often access on foot. However, if you plan to spend the majority of your holiday on the beach it makes sense to pick one of our holiday parks located within a stone’s throw of the beach, otherwise herding the family into the car each day and hunting for a parking space can become a chore.

Did you pack the cot?

Our holiday parks are very well equipped and many of them offer cots, high chairs, baby baths and buggies. This will save you a huge amount of packing space in the car but it is a good idea to call ahead to check availability and pre-book where possible.

Excuse me, where’s the trampoline park?

Our holiday parks have facilities and activities to keep children of all ages entertained, however, if you are looking for specific facilities/services such as toddler pools, toddler clubs, activity clubs and babysitting services, please do check at the time of booking (each of our holiday parks shows full details of its facilities).

Have you got your own clever ideas for a successful caravan holiday? Tell us in the comments below.

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Written by Dan at BreakFree Holidays



Great tips Dan, but if you do end up with wet dog smell (sometimes it just can’t be avoided) nothing beats Neutradol spray for the caravan itself. Fabulous stuff! Also there’s a dedicated pet spray that Tesco sell for around 1.50 that is excellent for getting the smell of doggy-based accidents out of carpets if the worst should happen. As for a travel tip, a lot of people park up and use buses to get around while they’re away but actually getting the number of a reliable local taxi company can be much cheaper (and more comfortable). We keep an array of taxi numbers on hand for our guests!


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