In Somerset, they often take a lighter view on life, this week announcing the winner of their Turnip Prize, an antidote to the rather more elitist Turner Prize. The finalists in this competition dedicated to bad art work included a piece entitled ‘Fish Full of Dollars’ (no prizes for guessing the components of that particular piece), but the winning entry was ‘Jamming with Muddy Waters’, essentially a jar containing some jam and muddy water.

If the county that has given the world The Turnip Prize appeals to you, may we suggest a festive stay at Cricket St Thomas hotel, with one of our Warner Hotel Specials. We are also offering hotel stays over Christmas and New Year in North Wales, the Isle of Wight, Herefordshire and Suffolk – where the Prime Minister apparently held a Cabinet meeting this week to give his ministers a taste of life outside London.

We’d recommend Corton Coastal Resort or the Gunton Coastal Resort in Suffolk – if it’s good enough for Dave, it’s… well, we’ll leave it to you to complete that one.

Written by Dom


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